Custom-TF is a multiplayer Quake modification that provides a similar experience to Team Fortress (and Team Fortress Classic), but allows players to customize their soldiers however they want - imagine a sniper with a backup weapon that shoots laser guided rocket clusters, or a spy who sneaks behind enemy lines and sacrifices his enemies to summon powerful demons.

Where to play

The current version of Custom-TF is hosted at


To keep downloads as small as possible these are compressed with 7-Zip - you will need either 7-Zip or a newer version of WinRAR to extract them.

Custom-TF Client Pack 2.0 (May 4, 2007) - 216.9MiB [outdated file list]

Extract this into your Quake\Fortress directory. It contains all the custom maps, models, and sounds to play on


Want the latest (possibly unstable) source code? Our source is available from Subversion:

Bugs? Feature Requests?

Please see our bug tracker and feature request tracker.


Comments? Suggestions? Visit our forums or our IRC channel at #customtf. Logo